1” Solenoid Valve For Garden Watering System

1” Solenoid Valve For Garden Watering System

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Solenoid valves for water for irrigation system and watering system – We provided large capacity valves for water treatment plants, irrigation works, industrial equipments and garden watering machines.

Plastic valves are preferred over their metal counterparts for their low scale accumulation rate. The offered valves are weather proof and are perfect for severe work environment utilization purpose. We offer three different sizes of valves

1’’ BSP valves with female threaded design


Inlet: 1’’ BSP with female thread design

Outlet: 1’’ BSP with female threaded pattern

Operating Pressure: 1.0 to 10 bar

Available coil voltages: Normally closed 12 Vdc, 230 V AC, 24 V DC, Bistable Latching (6-40 V DC) and 24 V AC.

Power consumption: 8W for NC valves, 30-100 mS and Latching Valve – 6-40 V DC.

Manual over ride: Yes

Flow controller: Yes

Bleeding Valve: Yes